Dear Kiskunfelegyhazer Tummler Breeders,

Our annual general meeting will be kept in August 15-17 2008 in the Biczo Csarda near Fülöpszállás in Hungary.
Address: H-6085, Fülöpszállás Hármaspuszta 11., Hungary
Web address:

Every Kiskunfelegyhazer Tummler Breeders and Judgers are kindly invited. Friends of this nice pigeon breed are invited also.

We are waiting for friends from France, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Great Britain, Holland, Sweden, Russia, Serbia, Austria and Norway. There are members of the Club in these countries. Somebody not member of the Club but interested in the Kiskunfelegyhazer Tummler is kindly invited.

We would like to spend some days with pigeon breeder friends, and talk and discuss about our pigeons. Special programs for women are prepared.


August 15th 2008., Friday
Arriving, visiting some breeders.

August 16th 2008., Saturday
10:00 a.m.: Annual general meeting
02:00 p.m.: Young Pigeon Exhibition
Folklore session
Breeders’ Evening

August 17th 2008., Sunday
Visiting some breeders and pigeon market of Kecskemét.

Hungarian Breeders kindly invite everybody to this meeting in Fülöpszállás.
For more information please contact with János Posta.